waking up

you get up at dawn and you wash and you brush
and your dog wait a sec have you ever had one
is all over you and you pat her it all somehow fits
together coffee and bagel the wife kind of cute
with that unfamiliar face of hers calling you hon

once safely jammed by the congestion
you start seriously contemplating the words
as if tasting them turning them over in your mouth
what funny anatomy that by the way
the word dog the word wife and the funniest of them
toyota tracing it all back to the very moment
you get up at dawn but apparently fail to wake up
or was it possibly the morning before

perhaps we are all transposable the lack
of a proper person in some particular slot
wakes the entity in a spot where the shortage
is at its most acute but if so who the hell
is the entity that fell asleep in the first place

yet you dimly recall that the words
should have been different as if instructed
otherwise zhena sobaka bublik is zhena
the wife referred to as such in the fourth line
of a ditty being put together elsewhere
and the parts of the body still awkwardly

then it dawns on you and you freeze in horror
smashing the toyota into an oncoming truck


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