those neighbors they were positively evil
their general bad nature soon revealed
in petty crimes like you recall the time
they drowned the litter of a poor stray bitch
and why they named their eldest one charybdis
search me they weren’t the educated kind
the next one balked though and was born a boy
good thing such opposite poles repel each other
or do they all that high school physics sucks
still his account of wickedness is void
could be they simply liked the sound of it
once overheard and with a little effort
wrenched the consent from a dumb registrar

the harm done by such vile existences
is soon erased vast is the earth the grass
grows over scattered skeletons bees buzz
on marigolds and bright red squirrels skitter
life triumphs of its festering evil purged
good thing she was without the proper sibling
or was she have you looked into the records
they could have multiplied once out of sight
what if a cry flies from across the straits
charybdis come and lo charybdis comes


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