the list maker

a man sits under a tree
compiling a lengthy list
of things that you can and can’t see
that do and do not exist
captive things and those that are free
some fixed some roaming abroad
and a subcategory of things that could be
but aren’t on second thoughts
he has counted every bear
every bee and is glad to see
things that do not exist are rare
most of them tend to be
it’s over with rocks and rains
every habit hiccup and hill
yet he has a feeling that something remains
which is not on his roster still
should he count every drop in the sea
no he doesn’t intend to cheat
but then he remembers himself and the tree
and the list is at last complete
and the world just pops in the air
it’s gone and will not be missed
if you doubt if something was ever there
you can always consult the list


2 Responses to the list maker

  1. rehovoth says:

    It is beautiful. I remember some old sci-fi short story with that theme which lists some old buddist legend. Is that so?

    • egononsum says:

      Yes, there was such a sci-fi story, now that you remind me. I am not sure though I had it in mind when I wrote this.

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