love lost

in my relative youth employed as a porter in yonkers
i was totally out of my mind i truly went bonkers
the days were scorching yet my nights were hotter
i fell in love with the superintendent’s daughter

an exotic transplant from russia newly arrived
i was reading stevens and keats but my tongue was tied
and without the tongue as such my options were few
she was hot and a student then at the city u

getting desperate and to pick myself up a notch
i procured a new haircut bought a digital watch
still there was the hall to sweep and the lawn to tend
while she was cruising around with a smart boyfriend
can’t forget his hotrod pacer his preppy tie
once i met him on his way in and suavely said hi

to console myself i caroused with russian poets
some of whom have long since earned their obits
buzzing over the booze obtained with our last bucks
and the verdict unfailingly was solzhenitsyn sucks
i drank their vodka neat but it was like water
for i was in love with the superintendent’s daughter
green as a sprig of parsley dumb like a lamb
bent on becoming a phd and now i am


2 Responses to love lost

  1. iminlovewithmymistakes says:

    Great rhythm and smooth flow !!
    Enjoyed this !

  2. piony says:

    Bob Dylan-ish!

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