pins on the map

i could surely use an auxiliary life
running alongside this default one
such as being a ufo junkie someplace in iowa
where i would spend my rural evenings
connecting dots on a map and marking them
with certain special pins bought on the internet
a particular brand never to be profaned
by other uses the source kept secret

perhaps i would also keep a row of file cabinets
in a sealed garage having exiled the old buick
a battery of drawers which i am not going
to tag farmington centerville or guernsey
a simple code would do just as well
one can never be too careful even though the key
is well hidden and the one from the map room too
some extra copies of the clippings i would perhaps
paste on cardboard sheets in a meaningful design

even at work while filing the claims
i will knowingly look at the sky now and then
and when they finally pull a plug on me
in the local infirmary there will be no time left
for the lifelong confidence to expire before me

if only i could steal some certainty
from that extra existence elsewhere
powerless to solve the mysteries
accosting the brain at every step
with nothing to pin with this place on the map
slowly sliding away from under me


2 Responses to pins on the map

  1. piony says:

    Excellent! In English much more powerful than in Russian. I wonder why?

  2. egononsum says:

    For some reason it does not translate itself well.

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