still looking for a lady to discharge
such various duties as or which include
but aren’t exhausted by nor limited to
wasting her sweet time in small talk wherever
it pleases her or reading proust in bed
on weekdays staining freely her pajamas
or any other sleepwear of her choice
with coffee messing it with cookie crumbs
watching wisteria bloom in rapt attention
or finding other ways to employ her sloth
such is the approximate menu of her chores

if found the applicant is best advised
to remain as she was since her alleged
employer is completely out of funds
nor feels he’s welcome to intrude upon
such a perfect mode of being if attained
content to be aware of it this remaining
the only valid point of the contract bid

now for the small print the submitting side
of this disjointed drivel henceforth called
the party of the first part and ignored
holds no responsibility whether legal
or moral for the state of things which makes
it lose its wits and brashly raise the stakes
going for broke behaving like an ass
seeing the world but darkly through the glass


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