sound signs

there the entire damned alphabet is wrong
their frigging r’s all face the opposite way
supposedly you must ingest your voice
while uttering it and choke articulating
imagine hatяed served under such guise

small details but sometimes they change a lot
what if vole were the opposite of love
but then it cannot be such a cute critter
so inoffensive-looking should contain
at least one r to sound sufficiently nasty

but how it is with them is hard to guess
granted with the japanese does not apply
still they have лов and вол but these mislead
or have i suddenly switched the frame of reference
hatred is at its best when unrequited

should be an answer to a simple question
like yes or no no matter how you spell
and no one cares which way their r’s are facing
vole is a manner of existence love
its sole imperative and yes of course


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